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I’m very proud to introduce you to my lift stop positioner. It features a stainless steel barrel that glides along  a 5/16″ t-track allowing the positioner to stay perpendicular to the track at all times. The barrel can easily be locked at any position along the T-track by simply tightening the included 5/16″ star knob and T-bolt. The stop arm is made from 3/8″ thick 6061 aluminum (aircraft grade) that is cut out on a water jet right here in New Brunswick Canada. The stop arm is fastened to the the barrel with a stainless steel nylon locking nut that allows you to swing the arm easily but yet tight enough to remove any play. The stop arm has been powder coated to give a very durable finish and a cool look. Finally I added a flat head screw as a slight light/cursor for use with an adhesive backed measuring tape (not included). The cursor can be zeroed and locked into place with a set screw.



Always read and follow the operating and safety instructions in the power tool owner’s manual.  Always wear safety glasses when operating any power tool, and any other necessary safe equipment. Always be sure blade guard and/or safety equipment on your power tool is operating properly.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 1.5 in