When it comes to dust in the shop I think we can all agree the miter saw is one of the biggest contributors. In recent years, many miter saw manufactures have put more thought into collecting dust, and actually have come up with some pretty efficient dust collection. Not ridgid. […]

Miter Saw Dust collection

If you are a woodworker then have have built some kind of project where a miter joint needed to be re-enforced for strength. If your looking for something different then maybe a locking mitre is the answer your looking for. This joint will add tons of strength to your miter […]

Locking miter joint!

In the summer of 2015 we decided to sell our house (which we built new in 2010) and buy a fixer upper house. The main reason for this was to get in a better neighbour hood as well as some finical gains. As you can see, the first order of […]

The ketchen renovation – before and after

This is the simplest cyclone I could come up with. Of coarse there are much more complicated versions of separators out there which will yield higher efficiencies but I wanted something quick and easy that still has decent efficiencies. Probably the biggest inprovement you could to this design is to […]

Super easy Cyclone separator!

I decided to put a little spin on a set of cabinet doors for my entertainment center.  I’m really happy with the results, and I think they look pretty cool. Rip to width and cut to length Start by ripping boards to 2″ wide. You will need enough to make […]

custom cabinet doors

Rip plywood & cut to length First, rip a piece of plywood into two 12″ pieces. This will be the material that will make up the cabinet. The cabinet is 64″ long by 16″ tall (making the risers 14.5″ long), requiering a piece of plywood 24″ wide by 96″ long. Cut […]

Bank of drawers

One of the first things I wanted to try on the X carve was to cut a mortise and tenon. I actually have had the X carve for a while now and And finally got a chance to give it a try. I knew because I was going to have […]

Mortise and tenon and the X-carve

Dowload plans and easel file here: https://www.inventables.com/projects/mini-router-lift Cut the components out using easel    Open up the easel file and click file, copy project. Then you can delete all but one component and carve it out. I recommend doing it this way instead of carving all at once so you can check […]

X carve made router lift

I’ve had a little docking station buried in a closest for about two years now and Its either time to throw it out or do something with it. I’m not even sure where I got it but its seems to be in somewhat working condition. One of the speakers seems […]

Ipod docking station