About me

My name is Ryan Nodwell and I work as an industrial mechanic is Saint John New Brunswisk, Canada.  I went to school to be an industrial mechanic back in 2005 where I realized how much I liked working with my hands. I then started working in the trade in 2008 at a tissue mill where I still work today but am now trained in vibration anylasis and hydraulics.

In 2013 I started watching a ton of YouTube. I watched all the guys you would expect like John Heisz ,Steve Ramsey and Matthias Wandel. I still hadn’t really started doing any “woodworking” per say but YouTube had my interest. I than came across a video by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers , if you haven’t seen their channel I highly recommend checking them out. I had know idea this kind of craftsmanship even existed. I was blown away by the detail and accuracy achieved by hand tools. Needless to say I went out and bought of bunch of cheap chisels and a hand planes thinking I was going to do the same but quickly realized it wasn’t so simple.

I did stick with it and really enjoyed the time I had in the shop. It was enough of a distraction that I was able to quit smoking. I built my first woodworking project that year and I am still proud of it:)

tv stand ss

That summer of 2013 I made the leap into YouTube by posting my first video. It was A rather interesting router lift design that I thought would do really well on youtube. I used my iPhone and just talked about the lift for about 2 1/2 minutes. Its kind of painful to go back and watch an old video like that one but it was how I started on YouTube and how most people start on YouTube. As you would expect, no views for a long time and even if I did a search on YouTube I couldn’t find the video. I wasn’t really sure how anyone would ever see it, if I couldn’t even find it when searching for it. I posted 3 other videos that month(august 2013) and that was it for the whole year.

I was still watching a ton of YouTube videos and I picked up on the fact that homemade shop tools seemed to do  better on YouTube than traditional woodworking projects. I then started designing my own jig called the slot mortiser. I fooled around with the idea all winter and that summer I started to build it. once it was finished I made a video about it and posted it. The rest is history. That video did fairly well considering I had no subscribers and  I can thank John Heisz for that. He left a comment of that video shortly after I posted it and I was so surprized that I got the attention of such a big youtuber. He then went on to post the video on his website which really helped it gain some traction. I was officially addicted to YouTube.

Big thanks to John Heisz for not only all the inspiration over the years but the support he gives to new youtubers. Its greatly appreciated.

Here is some pictures of me and the family.

Ryan and lucas Nodwell
Ryan Nodwell
Ryan Renee Lucas and Bryce Nodwell
Ryan Nodwell