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I finally have finished the plans for the slot mortisers and i’m very excited to see what you guys think. I’m currently offering the plans for free in exchange for some feedback. Weather you build it or not I would love for you to look over the plan and let me know what you think. If you do build it, let me know if there are any mistakes or improvements to be made. You can leave me a comment here on the web page or you can email me at I would appreciate if you could leave feedback comments about the plans off the youtube channel. There will be a full build series on my youtube channel here:

there will also be a full website article to come as well.

I recommend the sketch up version because you can pan camera and even edit plans to your liking:

sketch up version: slot mortiser plan download.

PDF version: slot mortiser plans download

You’ll need the latest version of sketch up to view. You can download a free version here:


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  1. I think you did an excellent job on your homemade slot mortiser. I want to build me one. Keep up the great work.
    I’m going to subscribe to your channel. Thanks.

  2. Not sure why you can’t see it. Make sure your clicking the text link for the plan then you will see a link for both the PDF or sketch up versions.

  3. Depois de ver o vídeo, achei que fez um excelente projeto para um mortiser ranhura caseiro. Gostaria muito de o construir, é só pena que as medidas apresentadas no esboço estejam só no sistema imperial e não no sistema métrico.
    Com os meus cumprimentos,
    Vergílio Ferrão

  4. Hi. Neil Feyerabend from Inspired Designs San Francisco.
    Just downloaded the plans. First, thank you. If I may offer one suggestion? I would set the images in gray scale and line shade to distinguish between parts. It uses a large amount of printer ink to print these images, even if printed in just black and white. That being said, it so far seems pretty straight forward. I will attempt this build and let you know how that goes. I’m not entirely certain how to do the horizontal sliding action with cutting board or dado slots, but I will give it a shot. Thank you again.

  5. Why do I always forget to turn swedish ‘autocorrect’ off when I write in English? 🙁
    Should be: Seems like a great project! Can’t wait to build one! 😬

  6. I love this design and am planning to make one in the near future–I just secured qa router I can dedicate to this project but I have a question. What kind or drawer slides are being used for movement in both directions? I do not have slides, but I do have access to smooth Formica-laminated plastic. Can I substitute the formica for any drawer slides?

  7. Grandes projetos, parabéns e muito obrigado por compartilhar seus belos trabalhos continue sempre disposto a ensinar. Grande abraço, recomendações do Brasil

  8. Love the Mortimer would like a set of PDF plans let me know how to get them and how to donate for them.

  9. You great!!!!!
    I want have your homemade slot mortiser.
    If you make the slot mortiser, how much?
    And delivery Korea?

  10. Thanks for the plans, I’ve watched the build videos and definitely plan to build it. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  11. I watched your videos and I think that your plan for the slot mortise is what I would like to build. I was actually looking for a mortise and tendon jigs for plunge router when I found your video series. I would imagine that at some point I will have to have both, I will wait and see. Your plans seem complete and easy to read, great job.

  12. hi there, love this build. how can i get a copy of the plans for this build?


  13. Have a look at Matthias Wendell’s horizontal boring machine, a useful addition to your machine might be to add an index pin and template so that you could drill a repeatable set of dowel holes. Using tenon stock is perfectly fine but on occasion I find myself turning back to dowels. Just a suggestion. Really like the sliding wedge table, smart thinking!

    I’m just refurbish my garage to turn it into a shop, this will be one of the first projects I tackle once I am done.

    Good job, great YouTube channel!

  14. I am impressed with the pre-planning that you put into your design. I can make only one suggestion and that is a better definition or design to the way you place your dimensions for locations for slot placement.

  15. Your mortiser seems super awesome and it is SO super generous of you to put the plans out there for the rest of us! THANK YOU! I am excited to get started!

  16. I just retired from Ford doing different things just keeping busy saw your mortising machine it is made very well I’m going to make one saw the cross slides in Lee Valley Magazine thanks a lot Bob Siegel.

  17. Hi hoping you could email me back and answer a quick question. You have a couple of video’s out on your slot mortiser. The first one I cound was from May 2014. In that one your mortiser looked a lot different. You had just one pistol grip style handle for the movement, you used a steel bar for the side to side movement and you had indexing screws and a clever clamp you used from your miter saw. Then your next videos all for that was gone and it seemed to go to a less refined version and the plan availible is the latter version. Can I ask why? Was there a flaw with it? I liked that version and was hoping the plans were going to be for it.

  18. Hey, first I scraped the steel rod and bushing because they we not low profile enough and it was to hard to drill the holes straight enough for two parallel rods. The pistol grip was limiting the stroke. The clamp was really only useful for some who had the clamp. And the indexing screws limited the stroke to much as well. I assure you the second version is better. The purpose of the improvements where to increase the stroke and make everything a tighter tolerance.

  19. Hi,

    Great job on the slot mortiser. I was wondering if you could tell me your source for the drawer glides?

    Thanks so much!


  20. Hi Ryan

    I’ve looked at many slot mortiser articles on the web and have found yours the best for me. It is by far the most compact (shop space is at premium) and seemingly the easiest build I have seen yet. Especially the height adjustment strikes me as ingenious. I will try to build it soon, and will be back with comments if I find some less ingenious details there.

    That’s why I donated $14 (the price Matthias Wandel’s slot mortiser plans cost)

    May be hard to find a cheap router of that kind in Europe, though. Should be possible to work around.

    Best from Steffen in Denmark (Europe, that is)

  21. Ryan,

    I have downloaded your plans (and before the harsh weather hit) had started building. All is working great so far, thank you for sharing this.

    The only suggestions I have are slightly off that topic…
    I noticed several comments in this thread asking for the plans even though they are in the text above and I think I understand why, since I had a time figuring it out…and I work in the world of web communications…

    The two links above are not set off in any way (at least not in chrome or Firefox) and if a viewer does not actually roll their mouse over them, there is no visual clue that they are indeed download links.

    My suggestion would be to do one or more of the following to make it easier for people to identify them as links:
    1) Change the font significantly (bold, italics, and/or underline)
    2) Change the color to bright blue (standard download link coloring)
    3) Remove any formatting from the links (If any exist), and allow the user’s browser to handle the display of the links so they adhere to what the user expects to see for links.

    Just a suggestion that might help people get this wonderful resource.

  22. Ryan, thanks for sharing these plans. What do you think about using miter slot track and uhmw bars instead of the drawer slides, like you did on your latest router lift? I think it would address the concerns of sawdust that both you and Mattias have expressed with your machines.

  23. Great point. Maybe something like a tslot and tbar so it can’t lift out, but maybe that isn’t better than drawer slides.

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