slot mortiser plan

I finally have finished the plans for the slot mortisers and i’m very excited to see what you guys think. I’m currently offering the plans for free in exchange for some feedback. Weather you build it or not I would love for you to look over the plan and let me know what you think. If you do build it, let me know if there are any mistakes or improvements to be made. You can leave me a comment here on the web page or you can email me at I would appreciate if you could leave feedback comments about the plans off the youtube channel. There will be a full build series on my youtube channel here:

there will also be a full website article to come as well.

I recommend the sketch up version because you can pan camera and even edit plans to your liking:

sketch up version: slot mortiser plan download.

PDF version: slot mortiser plans download

You’ll need the latest version of sketch up to view. You can download a free version here: