It wasn’t long after getting into woodworking that I started drooling over premium hand planes like Veritas or Lie-Nielsen. Fast forward 3 or 4 years and I finally ordered my first high quality hand plane. I went with the Veritas low angle jack plane. It comes with a 25 degree […]

Shooting board

I’ve Been using my shop vac dust collection system for about a year now, Love it. Shop vacs make great dust collectors for tools that don’t have a large volume of dust (tables saw, planner, jointer etc.). Things like chop saws, routers and sanders really benefit from a shop vac […]

Double blast gate- A dust collection upgrade

  Nine times out of ten, you don’t need a drill press table but it sure would be nice for that one time. Because it’s use is so limited I wanted to keep the design/build simple, no frills. Also mounting needed to be quick and easy. The table itself well […]

Drillpress table

    I often get asked if I recommend the Ridgid R4512 table saw and the simple answer is always yes but that’s not because it’s a perfect saw. I recommend it because it’s a great deal. If budget is no a consideration than I’d have to recommend the sawstop […]

Zero clearance insert

When you first get into woodworking, you realize really quickly you need to learn how to sharpen your tools. Dull blades just won’t cut it. Sharpening is a skill that has to be learned just like anything else but it also comes with a cost, possibly a big cost. In […]

Scary Sharp – On a budget?

  This is a really fun project that is ever expanding. The idea was to make each holder unique as well as pleasant to look at.

Shopbuilt – tool wall

This tenoning jig was inspired by the micro jig dovetail clamps. I seen the clamps scrolling through instagram and I thought I could probably come up with a use for them. The tenoning jig is self positioning for any mortise and tenon that requires the the mortise to be in […]

Shopbuilt – Tenoning Jig

      A table saw tapering jig is pretty handy to have around the shop to not only make tapers but to also joint an edge on a board. measures 12″ by 40″  

Shopbuilt- Tapering jig